Dance With Me I'm Acoustic

by Don't Worry



Acoustic versions of some of the songs from our first EP "Dance With Me I'm Dyslexic" - Original full band EP available at


released May 12, 2015

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Don't Worry.
All rights reserved.
℗ + © Don't Worry 2015



all rights reserved


Don't Worry England, UK

Alternative band from Essex in the UK. Vinyl/Merch link below..


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Track Name: Yr Shadow (Acoustic)
I see the light in your bedroom
Wasting your dad's money
You lack in basic empathy
I know so does he
Sceptical and highly moral
The human race is a plague
I've got a dark sense of humour
But I'm still afraid of the dark

You make me feel
Like I'm to blame

I'll never be extroverted
Aggressively I won't flaunt
My ideas and my opinions
Conspicuous my sentiments are not

You make me feel
Like I'm to blame

When do lies become
Truth in your eyes

We're the fickle kids
Never too late to drop out

I'm your shadow
I could be the one that...
I miss you, I miss you
Track Name: Kiss Your Mates (Acoustic)
Your emotions show
Although obviously not the ones you wanted to evoke
And I hope that you know
I'd do absolutely anything to make it right
Anything you like

She said
It doesn't matter anymore
So I changed
All the numbers on my phone to people I could not ignore

You wanna talk it out
The words are falling out my mouth
And all my time is running out
And I'm not even sure

She said
It doesn't matter anymore
In my bed
You left your cigarettes behind the other night
And now I'm bored
Track Name: Jesus Wants An Apricot (Acoustic)
I swear
We could have made it
Could have made you feel alright
Still uptight
Over the rating
Of your new Caribou cagoule
But you keep dry

Jesus wants an apricot
So humour him tonight
Cause I feel dead inside
And he can't make me feel alive
This time
It's over